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Dear landlord or tenant,
Welcome to StudentsBed. If you agree with these privacy policy, you agree to the placement of the data that you have placed on the site yourself.
This data will also be passed on to people who have created an account and are interested in your room.
StudentsBed will not distribute your data and will handle these data confidentially.
The appointment is made between the tenant / landlord. StudentsBed is not responsible for damage, in any way, between both parties.
StudentsBed serves only as a platform (or pinboard) where tenant and landlord can find each other.
The responsibility for subletting, insurance, agreements, payments, is at all times for the tenant itself.
We only offer a platform.

Before the room is placed on the platform, the student must also indicate that:
  • The landlord agrees with subletting the room.
  • Any housemates agree to sublet.

Landlord must take care of any insurance and must take care of cleaning etc.
You are responsible for the information, like photos you place on the site.
StudentsBed can remove your account if the rules are not respected.


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